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SaaS CFO Roundtable Series

Discern is facilitating virtual conversations between global finance leaders for lively discussions and networking. 

These roundtables group SaaS CFOs in small groups of 4-6 based on company similarities such as size, industry, or GTM motion. 

Each roundtable will have a pre-defined theme with prompts shared ahead of time to ensure productive conversations. Scroll down to explore our 2024 themes.

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Modern tech
Jan 17 | 8am ET AND 12pm ET

The Modern Finance Tech Stack

What are the "nice to haves" vs. the "must haves" in the Finance tech stack? In this roundtable, hear first hand what tools your peers can't live without to automate various finance processes.

April 17 | 8am ET AND 12pm ET

Q1 Recap: Numbers and Narratives

As we all get ready for our Q1 board meetings, let's gather and discuss key takeaways from the start of the year. What went well? What new challenges is your business facing? Discern will also provide some benchmarks for Q1 SaaS KPIs.

July 17 | 8am ET AND 12pm ET

Comp Plans & Quota Management

How are you structuring comp plans and quotas for your sales reps and managers? Do you see this changing in the second half of the year? What tools, if any, are you utilizing to manage commission payouts?

October 16 | 8am ET AND 12pm ET

2025 Annual Planning Considerations

The start of Q4 marks the beginning of many AOP conversations. During this dialogue, chat with peers about how you are thinking about 2025 planning.