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SaaS CRO Roundtable Series

Discern is facilitating virtual conversations among global revenue leaders for lively discussions and networking. 

These roundtables group SaaS CROs in small groups of 4-6 based on company similarities such as size, industry, or GTM motion. 

Each roundtable will have a pre-defined theme with prompts shared ahead of time to ensure productive conversations. Scroll down to explore our 2024 themes.

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February 28 | 8am ET AND 12pm ET

Growth Levers to Pull in 2024

How is your business thinking about growth in 2024? In this roundtable, discuss with your peers the various levers one can pull to drive top line growth (including GenAI) and share which ones are a priority for your business.

May 15 | 8am ET AND 12pm ET

Channel Partner Activation

At the end of 2023, many revenue leaders expressed channel partnership as an efficient driver for growth in 2024. In this session, share partner acquisition and enablement challenges / strategies for this year.

August 7 | 8am ET AND 12pm ET

Sales Rep and Manager Enablement

Bookings per ramped rep is a key indicator of sales efficiency. In this roundtable, discuss with peers the ways your business is trying to improve rep / manager efficiency and productivity.

November 13 | 8am ET AND 12pm ET

2025 Budget Considerations

The start of Q4 marks the beginning of many planning conversations for next year. During this dialogue, chat with peers about how you are thinking about 2025 budgets and plans.